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Clean Scene Expo 2011


The expo was a success for Enzyme Wizard as we picked up several new distributors for our product range. Our presence at the expo enabled us to expand our distribution not only in the Melbourne CBD but as far as Kyneton, Shepperton and Moe to name but a few.

The feedback from our clients has been more than positive and together we will move the technology into these new areas. We attribute our success to the fact that our Multi function enzyme formula actually works and our customers get the results.

Enzyme Wizard Products get EPA Approval

Designed for the Environment



In November of 2009, Enzyme Wizards counterpart in the USA, entered into a Partnership Agreement with the U.S. EPA Design for Environment program. Many of our products meet the stringent criteria for DFE approval. Enzyme Wizard, is committed to providing our customers with effective products that are environmentally responsible as well. We are continually looking for ways to limit our environmental impact through our enzyme based cleaners.

The following products are approved as DFE Products.

  • Mold Stain Cleaner
  • Graffiti Remover
  • Grease and Waste Digester
  • No Rinse Floor Cleaner

Grease and Waste

Grease and Waste Digestor

Below is a before and after photo of a pipe that was treated with Grease and Waste digestor. The photo was taken after four weeks.