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EnviroWizard Oven Cleaner

Hand Sanitiser

EnviroWizard Hand Sanitiser is a high grade non-drying hand sanitiser that can provide 24 hour protection against germs and viruses when applied every 4 hours..

Complete Ingredients: Water, Enviro Wizard surfactant blend and fragrance, quaternary compounds, mineral salt solution, inert ingredients.

 Material Data Sheet


EnviroWizard Oven Cleaner

Surface Sanitiser and Protectant

Enviro Wizard Surface Sanitiser and Protectant will clean and disinfect every surface including non-wood and painted wood floors, walls, tiles, grout, ceramic and porcelain surfaces, sinks, taps, showers, toilets, bowls, basins, carpets and curtaining and much more. It can also safely and effectively remove mould and mildew, plus prevent regrowth with frequent applications.

Complete Ingredients: Surfactant blend, quaternary compounds, mineral salt solution, inert ingredients, fragrance, waters.

Material Data Sheet

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