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St thomas logoEnzyme Wizard’s products have far exceeded our expectations. Being a school it was very important to be using a product that was going to be able to clean to a high standard and  not be  harmful in any way to our students, parents or staff but still achieving the goal it is set out to do, being totally organic this product has been perfect in every way. We use various products that Enzyme Wizard produce and each and every one of them have been very effective along with leaving the area with a fresh clean smell.

A lot of our staff members also after seeing the results within the school are purchasing some of the products themselves.

I am more than happy with Enzyme Wizards products and would highly recommend them to anyone wanting a product that actually does what it says it will do and is total safe around people.   

Glen Rothery
Property Manager

What is the Safer Chemistry Designation?

safer chemistry
Enzyme Wizard is committed to providing our customers with effective products that are environmentally responsible, as well as safe for use around children and pets. We are continually looking for ways to limit our environmental impact through our enzyme based cleaners.

Many formulas receive the Safer Chemistry™ designation.

Disclosure of Ingredients

Enzyme Wizard is also committed to disclosure of all ingredients under the Safer Chemistry™ program.

ISO 9001 2015
ISO 9001:2015 Certification

The Enzymes in all the Enzyme Wizard products are manufactured under strict conditions to ensure high quality product.

International Distributorships

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