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North West Cleaning LogoAs discussed we have recently done a trial with the Enzyme Wizard products.

One of my clients is a mine site with a predominantly male staff we had a lot of trouble keeping the urinal clean and it would get blocked weekly. We started by rinsing the urinal with fresh water. Followed by a tw ice weekly treatment with
Grease and Waste digester, the urinal was sprayed with Bathroom/toilet cleaner and the product left on the stainless steel, not washed off, after a couple of treatments, my staff no longer had to scrub the grate with a wire brush and 2 months in the drain is not getting blocked and the smell has gone.

I was so impressed with the product we have now started the same program with 6 other clients who have experienced a similar blockage and smelL

I will definitely try the NEW Urinal Cleaner as you have suggested .

Many Thanks
Louise Muddle
North West Cleaning

What is the Safer Chemistry Designation?

safer chemistry
Enzyme Wizard is committed to providing our customers with effective products that are environmentally responsible, as well as safe for use around children and pets. We are continually looking for ways to limit our environmental impact through our enzyme based cleaners.

Many formulas receive the Safer Chemistry™ designation.

Disclosure of Ingredients

Enzyme Wizard is also committed to disclosure of all ingredients under the Safer Chemistry™ program.

ISO 9001 2015
ISO 9001:2015 Certification

The Enzymes in all the Enzyme Wizard products are manufactured under strict conditions to ensure high quality product.

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