Enzyme Wizard – Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner

astroIn our Motel we have bedspreads which are too big to fit into our commercial washing machines, so when they need cleaning we have to have them dry-cleaned at $25 a time. We have trialled many spray-on products to spot clean marks, but they all leave a ring when they dry and then we have to use water to get the ring off the bedspread. Geoff from Astro suggested that we give Enzyme Wizard – Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner a go – We spray the product onto the mark and give it a rub then leave it a couple minutes and spray it again and give it a final rub. WOW what a difference this product has made to us. It works wonders, and it has cut our dry-cleaning bill considerably! 

Enzyme Wizard – Surface Spray Because we have had such great success with the Wizard products, we decided to give the Enzyme Wizard Surface Spray a go. Our cleaning staff are amazed at how good it is compared to the product we have used for 5 years. Surface Spray cuts through grease, brings stainless steel up really shiny and cleans the bench tops really well. In our spa baths we have always used Jif cream cleanser to make the baths sparkling clean this is quite a time consuming process. The staff decided to give the Surface Spray a go – they are over the moon with how easy it makes the cleaning of the baths. After cleaning the baths we always do the touch test to make sure that the surface of the bath is shiny to touch, the Surface Spray definitely brings them up really well and it shortens the time spent cleaning a bath after people have had a long soak in it.