Enzymes are biological catalysts – substances that increase the rate of chemical reactions without being used up, through lowering activation energy of the reaction.

Enzymes are proteins folded into complex shapes that allow smaller molecules to fit into them. The place where these substrate molecules fit is called the active site.enzyme diagram 1A

1.Substrate binds to active site of enzyme – (Diagram 2)

2.Enzyme and substrate usually change their shape to fit each other perfectly, thus forming an enzyme-substrate complex.

3.The reaction occurs, forming products that are then released – (Diagram 3)

4.The enzyme is free to bind to other substrate molecules.

How Enzymes Work – In the cleaning environment

enzyme diagram 2

For the purpose of the explanation of how Enzymes work in the cleaning environment, we are going to assume that ‘A’ in the above diagram the Enzyme is Enzyme Wizard All Purpose Surface cleaner and ‘B’ the substrate is any type of organic matter. For example blood, grease, fat, oil etc.

When one wipes down a surface or mops the floor the enzyme bind together with anything organic as shown in ‘Diagram 2’, once this occurs, a natural reaction takes place (Catalytic reaction). After the catalytic reaction what happens (’Diagram 3’) the enzyme converts the organic matter into Carbon, Hydrogen and water and then releases it into the air.

The enzyme does this continuously until as we know from science the enzyme loses its energy and stops working, that is why we can claim the enzyme can work for up to 72 hours, because it is dependent on the energy.

Important Information

What also is very important together with the above explanation is that when formulating our products we use technology that will improve the efficacy of the end result. The enzyme does one part of the cleaning process while the additional additives gives the product the power to clean more efficiently.

  1. We use a medical grade enzyme that is manufactured through a sterile fermentation process. This gives the enzyme its stability.

  2. A true Multi-Function enzyme i.e. Protease, Amylase, Lypase and Celulase, some competitors say Multi Enzyme but it is single strain enzyme of Protease with may variations which in fact is a general characteristic of most Protease enzymes.

  3. Our enzymes work across a pH band of 3 to 12, most enzymes are only active between 6 and 9, what this means is  that we are able to formulate a lot more products and use enzymes.

  4.We use additives in out formulas that soften the water. Enzymes work better in soft water. The water in Australia is regarded as hard.

  5.Most competitors formulate using one surfactant, in some cases where it is necessary, we use two surfactants. In the floor cleaner we use two. One to emulsify the dirt and grime and one to release the dirt from the floor so as to attach to the mop head.

  6. All fragrances are carefully selected and in most cases are approved by the EPA/dfe in the USA. 

enzyme diagram 3

The above diagram gives an outline of the activity and reaction time when you add an enzyme to any solution. It uses less energy to do the same job, which in turn gives a better result.