It (Enzyme Wizard – Surface Spray) works wonders, and it has cut dry-cleaning bill considerably!

Because we have had such great success with the Wizard products, we decided to give the Enzyme Wizard Surface Spray a go. Our cleaning staff are amazed at how good it is compared to the product we have used for 5 years.

The feedback I’m receiving from customers is overwhelming, with comments like “easy to use” and “very affective on dog urine”. I have personally used it in numinous situations both urine and other odour situations with fantastic results.

Again I must say that the products you supply are without a doubt some of the best I’ve used.

We have been using Enzyme Wizard in our kennels for about 4 months now.

Enzyme Wizard appealed to us as it is safe to use around the animals, removes grease, grime and animal waste build up and did not make the floor slippery like some other detergents.

Based on the results of this trial, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Enzyme Wizard …

This is a much cheaper option (and far less toxic) …

We are extremely happy with the results of this test and have no hesitation in recommending the Enzyme Wizard Products to any of our customers.