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Removes vehicle oil and grease from surfaces including:

concrete floors, garages, carparks.

The enzymes in our Heavy Duty Floor/Surface Cleaner break down oil / grease into their basic elements. Carbon, hydrogen and other elements readily integrate with the environment instead of polluting it. Even oil slicks simply fall apart when our enzymes break down the organic ‘glue’ that holds them in place.

Complete Ingredients: Water, Enzyme Wizard enzymes blended from plants, surfactant and builders..

Safety Data Sheet

Product Information Sheet

Industrial strength heavy duty cleaner for all surfaces. Contains no solvents.

  • Contains a proprietary multi-enzyme formula designed to break down grease, oils and petroleum based problems. Rather than merely pushing the oil and grease around with soap, the multi-enzyme formula lifts and breaks down the petroleum and grease
  • pH Neutral – Soap Free Formula – Septic safe
  • No Palm Oil – No Ammonia – No Chlorine
  • Designed to be effective at low temperatures!
  • No Heavy scrubbing needed – works well with scrubbers
  • Designed to discharge down the drain where the enzyme formula will continue to attack the grease and oil residue
  • Non-corrosive and safe for all surfaces not harmed by water
  • For use on – Concrete floors, Car Parks, Outdoor Paving, Factory Floors, train platforms

What’s innovative about the ‘Heavy Duty Cleaner’?

Multi Function Enzyme technology
The Benefits of Adding a Multi-Enzyme Solution:

  • A more sustainable cleaner. Enzymes are readily biodegradable
  • Support for the “compaction” trend. Low volumes of enzymes are required to replace high-volume ingredients such as surfactants and builders
  • Improved performance. The synergistic effect of combining several enzymes results in improved stain removal and overall general cleaning beyond what single enzymes and traditional surfactants can achieve
  • Energy-efficient product. Enzymes work well even at low temperatures, allowing wash temperature reductions and thereby energy savings
  • Enzyme cleaners are naturally occurring elements so they are “Planet-Safe”

How to Use (General Cleaning :

  1. Dilute the product at a ratio of 10:1 into mop bucket
  2. Wet mop head as you normally would.
  3. When squeezing out mop head, leave mop head wet.
  4. Mop floor as you usually would, leaving a thin layer of solution – this will allow the enzymes to work at their best.
  5. Use product over a number of days until excess dirt and grime has been broken down and then continue with Enzyme Wizard No Rinse floor cleaner.

How to Use (Heavy Duty cleaning :

  1. Dilute the product at a ratio of 50:1 and then add to the tank of the scrubber (ride on or walk behind scrubber.
  2. Use a soft pad when using a scrubber as it will allow the bristles together with the enzymes to scrub the concrete floor.
  3. Go over the area a couple of times until marks on concrete have been removed.
  4. When finished dirty water can be disposed of down the drain.

Machinery / Equipment

  • Always start at lowest dilution rate and gradually increase.
  • Use a soft pad as this helps the enzymes to activate quicker.
  • The enzymes will keep machinery insides clear of soap build-up.
  • Waste water can be flushed down drain.


  • Industrial floors
  • Kitchen floors
  • Concrete Pads
  • Service bays
  • Carparks
  • Bus Stations
  • Train Platforms

Important Information:

  • The product has been designed to remove petroleum oils and car grease from concrete surfaces.
  • Not to be used on aluminium surfaces.
  • When cleaning a concrete surface please be aware that the surface is uneven and that some areas will need extra attention if they are below the scrubbing action of the pad.
  • Can also be used on concrete floors that have been painted.
  • Can be used on all types of floor surfaces.
  • Can be disposed of down drains, enzyme will carry on breaking down organic matter in drains.