Plumbing Inspection Report
Enzyme Wizard and Coles Pty. Ltd.
Coles store number 0691
Site Address: Werribee Plaza
Inspection Date: 5th November 2015
Inspection Carried Out By: Damien Gnezda (DG Plumbing PIC Lic No 33705)


We have undertaken a preliminary test and inspection of drain from Chicken oven to the Pump Pit.
As you can see in Pic 1. The pump pit is heavily covered in solid grease build up.
This is due to the system configuration during construction. The pipe from chicken oven (which has a hot wash down cycle of hot grease) which gets washed into the drain. Just inside the same drain there is the drain from the ice machine which cools the fat and grease quickly and solidifies it.
This makes it extremely difficult to prevent blockages.
We decided to trial a new product (Enzyme Wizard) which is a natural plant based, non-toxic enzyme.
On initial inspection the drain had a Grease Guardian installed skimming the fat, collected and disposed of by staff when they remember too? Often overflowing and causing a slip hazard.
Before the trial began we removed the Grease Guardian and had all of the contents from the oven going straight into the drain.
The results are staggering (as you can see in pic 2) where the pump well is a totally different scenario.
The walls of the pump well are clean and all signs of solids fats are gone.
This based on 3-4months of dosing at a lower than recommended rate.
We have also tested drains internally with camera and the results are also amazing.
coles report Page 2 Image 0001

PIC1 above shows huge amount of solid grease build-up on walls, pumps and chains. This would significantly lower the life expectancy of the pumps.

coles report Page 3 Image 0001

PIC above shows the pump pit after a dosing of approximately 150ml per day for 3-4 months.

Recommended dosing for this size pit would be 200ml per day.
The results are amazing as you can see.


Based on the results of this trial, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Enzyme Wizard for the dosing of all chicken ovens during wash down as well as dosing all associated drains that will encounter fat and grease.
As you can the results are amazing and not just because of the aesthetic properties. The pump life will increase significantly because of the lack of grease solids build up. The pumps will not need to work as hard, and possibility of smells entering the store are significantly lower (when pit lid is opened).
This is a much cheaper option (and far less toxic) than existing Momar dosing systems.
I have also attached some logo’s and info on the following page.
We are extremely happy with the results of this test and have no hesitation in recommending the Enzyme Wizard Products to any of our customers.
We are also excited to see the results of their Urinal dosing products (on a trial basis now) as this (Urinal blockages/treatments) is an extremely common and difficult issue to maintain. Urinal cisterns are fragile ceramic and often crack when using harsh chemical shock treatments.
Being a wholly natural product, Enzyme Wizard would not have these issues.

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