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September-October 2022


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Enzyme Wizard’s range of products have been reformulated to now carry six active enzymes.
Enzyme Wizard’s products are specifically designed to clean safely and effectively, without caustic chemicals.
After extensive testing and certification by an international laboratory, the active enzymes present are Lypase, Cellulase, Protease, Amylase, Invertase, and Polygalacturonase (PG).
“Through testing, the answers to better and safer cleaning were developed with our unique and certified proprietary six active enzyme formulations,” said Jamie Flinkier, Director, Enzyme Wizard.
“This unique six active enzyme formula means that our formula will have the ability to breakdown all organic matter and some nonorganic material,” said Flinkier.
“Polygalacturonase (PG) is the major enzyme responsible for softening ripening fruit. This means that this enzyme would assist all our formulas in softening the organic matter which in turn assists the cleaning action.
“The inclusion of Invertase enzyme means our formula can now break down tissue paper (pulp). This would be quite unique in the sense that in any Septic tank system we not only breakdown all the organic material but potentially tissue  paper as well.”
According to the company, an important additional advancement in the Enzyme Wizard range is its ability to remain stable and active across a wide pH range Raymond Subel, Technical Director of Enzyme Wizard noted, “Being plant derived and non-bacteria based, it allows more flexibility when dealing with pH ranges of 3, right up to a pH of 12. This in turn gives greater confidence and scope for the cleaners and property managers. This is a huge added value in all commercial
kitchens and domestic applications where certain caustic chemicals may be present,”
According to Subel, an important feature of Enzyme Wizard’s technology is understanding how each product reacts with various surfaces.
“Enzyme Wizard products are specifically designed to clean in the most efficient way. Specific surfactants have been included to achieve the best results in removing biofilm and maximising cleanliness.”