Enzyme Wizard of  Melbourne Australia, is proud to announce that it has entered into a joint venture agreement with a major international enzyme manufacturer, Enzyme Solutions Inc. USA.

Over the past 4 years,  Enzyme Wizard and Enzyme Solutions Inc. have  worked on a number of projects together and have developed a strong business foundation. Now, the collaboration will enable the Companies to become a true force across several industries worldwide.

Both Companies offer a range of natural, non caustic products that have been tested and approved by the US EPA’s ‘Design for the Environment’ initiative. Enzyme Wizard’s primary focus in Australasia has been the JANSAN market, targeting such customers as  Councils, Universities, Schools, Stadiums, Child care and Aged Care Facilities.

Enzyme Solutions’s core business is in the healthcare (medical / dental), skincare and food service fields in the US market. Tim Beck, CEO of ESI is excited with the opportunities that Enzyme Wizard can deliver. Already  they are working together with a major distribution company that supplies organic fertiliser throughout the US. Enzyme Solutions Inc. USA, presently supplies its special blend of enzymes for cleaning the likes of KFC, PIzza Hut and Taco Bell, for their build up of fats, oils and greases. This collaboration will now allow Enzyme Wizard to further explore opportunities in the fast food market and medical / health care fields across Australasia.

Jamie Flinkier, head of Sales & marketing at  Enzyme Wizard, states the Company’s goal is ‘to offer the best performing and cost effective environmental products on the market’. Head of research and development at EW, Raymond Subel has allowed this goal to be realised by solving problems and improving technology.  Raymond explains, “our non caustic technology is designed to reduce cleaning time by removing stains and odours at the source.” Put simply “They work”One thing is for sure, with their unique multi enzyme formula, and with a partnership with a major international enzyme manufacturer, Enzyme Wizard is set to continue being the leader in green cleaning technology into the future.