How Does the Grease & Waste Eliminate the Odour in the Urinals?

The Odour in Urinals Is Due to the Build of Uric Acid in the Pipes. the Acid over Time Builds up and Clogs the Drains, Just Like Cholesterol in Your Arteries. This Blockage Stops the Urine from Flushing Away and the Odour Backs up the Pipe.- the Enzymes when Poured Down the Drain, Breaks Down the Uric Acid and Restores the Pipes to Their Original Format. Being Non Caustic and Ph Neutral, It Won’t Harm the Pipes.

Is the Carpet Cleaner Good for Pet Stains and Odours?

The Enzyme Wizard Carpet Cleaner Is Wonderful for Eliminating Pet Stains and Odour in Carpets, Mats, Couches and on Any Surface. the Enzymes Actually Attack the Source of the Stain or Odour. (Not Just Mask It As Other Products Do). It Actually Removes the Urine on/or Feaces Down in the Plush of the Pile, Not Just on the Surface. It Also Works Very Well on Blood, Ink and Red Wine.

Are the Enzymes Made from Live Bacteria?

No. Live Bacteria Based Enzymes Are Old Technology. All Our Enzymes Are Natural Plant Based Enzymes. Therefore Our Enzymes Are Totally Organic and Keep Working, up to Anywhere from 24Hrs to 7 Days.

Can the Surface Spray Be Used on All Surfaces?

The Surface Spray Is a Very Special Product. It Replaces Many Products That People Will Find in Their Home. It Is Strong Enough to Use on Your Bbq, but Gentle Enough to Use on Glass and Stainless Steel. Our Products Contain No Soap, So when You Clean, You Have No Streaking Left Behind on the Surface. the Enzymes Do the Cleaning, No Caustic Ingredients That Often Burn the Surface.

Can I Use the No Rinse Floor Cleaner on Wooden Floor Board?

Absolutely. the Enzyme Range Can Be Used on Any Surface That Can Take Water. the Floor Cleaner Is Ph Neutral. There Is Nothing Caustic in Our Range So It Won’t Damage the Polish or Floor Sealer.