My name is Christopher Ortega and I have sent you emails before praising your products.

I simply can not thank you enough.

Most of the people around me are susceptible to disharmony due to caustic chemical emanations.

Your products are PH neutral and produce powder residue or gas as they work. Barely noticeable by sensitive people. Easily cleaned up and ventilated.

I have tested most of your product range on multitudes of situations and circumstances to prevail in every event.

The urine stain remover has helped me with my feline, canine, visiting (pestilent) animals and human companions excretions.

The bathroom, kitchen and tile cleaners have helped me with every part of the dwelling since carpets are forbidden to those who are allergy sensitive.

The heavy duty cleaners have also helped me with every aspect of cleanliness and hygiene. Especially when speed is important for the cleaning process.

The carpet and upholstery cleaners have helped me clean and sterilise furniture, bedding, rugs, curtains and anything else with fabrics.

The toilet, bathroom and laundry cleaners have helped me keep the bog so healthy that it feels like a throne room.

Some pro tips I have learned during my interactions with wizard enzymes are:

  • Always dilute with demineralised water only and never with common tap water. 
  • Prime surfaces with cleaning enzymes and go about other cleaning businesses to return 10-30 minutes later for more effective results.
  • Cleaning enzymes target non PH neutral organics to function as they dry and  oxidise. Prime some stubborn surfaces (say 30 year old black stained grout) with cleaning vinegar before using cleaning enzymes for maximum effect.

For 40 years I’ve thought the grout in the bog and laundry was black pigment coloured and it turns out the grout is actually white. No scrubbing. Just spray and pray.

I can go on and on giving praise and producing before and after photographs.

I do not know if you have a forum for this as an social media advertising mechanism.

So here is another direct email to your giving you the much praise you deserve from a very satisfied person.

Have a lovely day,

Christopher Ortega