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Case Study – Spotless Cleaning Dunedin – 25.06.2021

Supervisor – Avril Weir (Spotless Cleaning)

Advisor – Tim Rogers (Filta Cleaning Products)


Men’s urinal in office bathroom has become very smelly and staff have started to complain. Odor is wafting out into the office space. This space is open to staff for long periods of the day as it is used by both day and night shift.

The bathroom in question is in a small office space and opens directly onto the main corridor. It is used by approximately 30 staff sometimes even more if there is a nightshift running. Staff work across 2-3 shifts per day and must have access from 6am till late evening, winter there is a shift.

*Issue first raised 20th April 2021

How do we keep the urinal clean and reduce or remove odor from area? Unable to close bathroom and stop usage due to staff numbers and staff unable access alternative bathroom.

Suggested Solution and Method

Use Enzyme Wizard Grease and Waste Drain Digestor – dose 30ml of the Drain Digestor directly into the urinal. The liquid will deliver this to the pipes where the enzymes will start to eat away the build-up. The product will work quickly to reduce build-up and odor and will not mask smell with a fragrance.

Use Enzyme Wizard Urine Stain and Odor Remover – spray directly onto the back surface of the urinal and surrounding areas (wall and floor). The enzymes will work on these surfaces and seep into the pores of the surfaces to eat anything that may have built up over time. As liquids hits these areas going forward the enzymes will nullify any acid. The liquid will also take enzymes down the pipe from the surface of the urinal and compliment the Grease and Waste Digestor working in the pipes.

Use Glomesh Spiral Biological Urinal Screen – The urinal screen has an enzyme tablet within the screen which will nullify acid as liquid hits it. This reduces the amount of acid moving down the pipes which will traditionally causes build-up in the pipes. The enzymes will travel down the pipes when liquids hit the urinal screen and will complimentary with the Enzyme Wizard Enzyme products. The urinal screen has anti-splash design, helping to reduce urine splashing onto other surfaces around the urinal (wall and floor) and there is a fragrance added to the urinal screen to help keep the area smelling pleasant.

**All other chemicals have been removed from use in this area.


Visited site on 24th June 2021. Trial has been running for 2 weeks.

Avril indicated she has not used the Glomesh Spiral Biological Urinal Screen but has had good results with reduced smell and no complaints from staff. The flow within the urinal has improved.

The Urinal Screen has been put in place from the 24th of June 2012 in addition to the 2 Enzyme Wizard products to help fight odor and clean the pipes. This has added to the improvements in the bathroom.

The fragrance from the urinal screen is not overpowering in the small area. There is no smell from the urinal at all and the fragrance from the urinal screen is all that can smelt.

Avril thinks she may not have to do a deep clean of the urinal due to these products working the way they have in eating the build-up in the pipes.

Avril now plans to roll this program out into other problem bathrooms and will use these products going forward for up-coming tenders.


  • Reduction in cleaning hours going forward, which will be a big cost saving. ($1300.00 in labour per annum)
  • No need to do a deep clean in urinal which is a cost saving and a reduced health and safety risk. An additional benefit is the staff will not be exposed to harsh chemicals to do deep clean.
  • Environmentally friendly, the enzyme wizard products are plant based and the urinal screen is made from EVA which is recyclable and biodegradable. The enzyme block and fragrance contain no harsh chemicals.
  • Healthier and happier work environment. Less complaints with no urine smell within the bathroom and surrounding areas.
  • Happy staff equals productive staff