North West Cleaning LogoAs discussed we have recently done a trial with the Enzyme Wizard products.

One of my clients is a mine site with a predominantly male staff we had a lot of trouble keeping the urinal clean and it would get blocked weekly. We started by rinsing the urinal with fresh water. Followed by a tw ice weekly treatment with
Grease and Waste digester, the urinal was sprayed with Bathroom/toilet cleaner and the product left on the stainless steel, not washed off, after a couple of treatments, my staff no longer had to scrub the grate with a wire brush and 2 months in the drain is not getting blocked and the smell has gone.

I was so impressed with the product we have now started the same program with 6 other clients who have experienced a similar blockage and smelL

I will definitely try the NEW Urinal Cleaner as you have suggested .

Many Thanks
Louise Muddle
North West Cleaning